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Reflexion Wine embodies the true essence of what a complete wine should be. This is an experience where the design catches your eye and the taste captivates your attention. Our grapes varietals are derived from the Napa Valley California Wine Country. Our wines are a distinctive fruitfully smooth balance of blended flavors with just a hint of earthiness; Creating a beautiful masterpiece to be savored on the pallet. The Reflexion Wine collection has something for everyone: Red, White, Rose'. As part of the Reflexion Brand Corporation, it was important that every aspect of Reflexion Wine lives up to it's memorable name. When enjoying your favorite style create memories that last a lifetime. Take mental notes, like tannins leaving their moment on the wall of a glass. My grandmother Leola, was the inspiration behind every element of the name  Reflexion Wine; Her many conversations about her 94 year life story/journey was shared with me until the day she died. Her last words to me on that heart breaking day were: "Never forget who you are, let your light shine. How do you know something unless you try. Don't ever let anyone stop you from doing something that you know you can do. If you put your mind to it you can do it." The love, The love, The love;  I am her first born Granddaughter to her first born son.  I believe in the longevity of Reflexion Wine; It's oh so right. I was passionate about the quality and I knew that it must be a wine enjoyed by anyone, anywhere, with anything at anytime. After a lengthy yet enjoyable process, through a lot of trial and error: Voila' here it is! 


Valerie (The Owner)

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