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RefleXion Wine is the true essence of what a complete wine embodies. The design catches your eye and the taste captivates your attention. Classic meets modern. Produced in California Wine Country,  our varietals have distinct notes, balanced like an exquisite masterpiece savoring on the pallet. RefleXion Wine has something for everyone: As part of the RefleXion Brand Corporation, it is important that every aspect lives up to it's memorable name. When enjoying your favorite bottle create memories that last a lifetime. Take savoring notes, like tannins inscribing their presence on the bowl of your favorite wine glass. The inspiration behind every element of the name RefleXion Wine was my grandmother, Leola. I'm her first born Granddaughter to her first born son. The love, The love, The love. Our many conversations about her 95 year life span was a part of my routine until the day she departed this world. Her encouraging words made me unafraid to succeed; "Never forget who you are, let your light shine. How do you know unless you try? Don't ever let anyone stand in your way. Be great at it. Put your mind to it you can do it. Have faith and believe."  I believe in faith and works.  I was passionate about the quality of longevity to be enjoyed by anyone, anywhere, with anything at anytime. 

You'll love your RefleXion. 


Valerie (The Owner)

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